Charles Bibbs

An accomplished Fine Artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist that has always believed that we are the keepers of our culture, and as such, has spent much of his time working towards developing a cohesive, energized African American Community. Charles Bibbs’ artwork manages to fuse African American and Native American cultural themes that make powerful cross-cultural statements. His work is thought provoking and capable of arousing strong emotions that cross ethnic, gender and generational barriers. His artistic renderings convey a deep sense of spirituality, majesty, dignity, strength and grace.
Lady in Red
$ 1,600.00 USD
The Gift II
$ 1,800.00 USD
Silk Maiden
$ 1,000.00 USD
"Umoja Poster"
$ 75.00 USD
"Jomandi Poster"
$ 600.00 USD
Lady in White
$ 75.00 USD
Lady in Black
$ 1,600.00 USD
Ebony Series 3
$ 250.00 USD
The Gift III
$ 1,800.00 USD